Greengate  will  deliver your project from start up to completion and beyond. From process equipment to full factory builds, we have the experience to give you the confidence.  Our self developed methodology is based around three core principles;
Health and safety

First on our agenda through the entirety of any project, it is our goal to deliver your
project accident and incident free.

We strive to achieve this through:

  • Proactive planning of works
  • Safe execution of works
  • Thorough and consistent auditing
  • Prompt action on any issues raised

Key throughout any project and a very important factor in delivering our first principle. We ensure a robust communication plan is agreed upfront with our clients, defining how we will communicate, how often, and who with, in order to secure a seamless flow of information between all stakeholders.

Equally as important is avoiding over communication, which can sap the time and focus of your resource unnecessarily. Agreeing tolerances up-front based on our third principle, allows us to make autonomous decisions on our clients’ behalf which accelerates the project and avoids the afore-mentioned over communication.

Time cost risk

The three subjects that must be considered and discussed early on in any project. By gaining a thorough understanding of our clients appetite for time, cost, and risk during the start up phase, we are able to effectively plan, manage and deliver.

We  understand not every business or project is  the same and  our  flexible approach drives the best results for you.

Greengate also offer  support beyond project  completion to give you the confidence that your project will continue to be a success long after handover, delivering maximum return on investment.

Taking the pressure off